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(especially wentdog)

Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark

I wouldn’t call myself a metalhead yet, but I’m starting to genuinely love a few songs, a few bands and some crossover tunes that are somewhat metal, somewhat punk…

This is the first Iron Maiden song I’ve really truly just LOVED, even though I’ve loved Bruce for a while.

Can we just discuss Bruce Dickinson for a minute? This video was from a couple years ago, meaning the man had already turned 50. He’s incredible. And he performs as if he is starring in his own, (really well written) metal broadway musical.

I would dare any musical theatre fan who thinks they don’t like any metal to listen to this and tell me it’s not beautifully theatrical and awesome. 

Trying to decide if it’s a Tom Waits and Nick Cave kind of rainy day or a Soilwork kind of rainy day.

Who’s first metal show is going to be Iron Maiden/Alice Cooper this summer?

this chick.

My current favorite Maiden song, for Wentdog, to celebrate that he got tickets for Maiden England this summer too!

(and also, can we just discuss how Bruce gets older and older, yet sounds better than EVER? how is that even possible?)

Just kidding about that last post, watch this video instead, it’s much better quality and the sound actually matches up with what you are watching.

Iron Maiden - Hallowed By Thy Name (Rock in Rio, 2001)

En Vivo! by Iron Maiden was released this week and is now on Spotify

In. Love.

(seriously guys? this was a live performance last year… HOW… HOW do they sound this good?)