another silly list: If Rita Skeeter wrote for Us Weekly

*from the blog the List of Now

… the wizarding world would be reading about obnoxiously abbrev-nicknamed folks like:

ShayFin       (in obnoxious abbrev’d celeb nicknames, it’s spelled how it sounds!)
ChoChang.    (Oh wait…)
GwynJo   (you know, captain of the HoHarps.)
ParPat + PadPat
MadMoo or AlaMoo    (I can’t decide)

my favorite-favorites:
FreWeaz + GeoWheaz
Mama MoWeaz
Sometimes BWheaz and CharWeaz
and I guess also PerdoucheWeaz  (although no one cares)

Couples in the headlines:
Chodric  (sad!)
the wedding of Bleur
the tragic almost Dumblewald   (oh yeah, I went there.)
and of course, persistent rumors of  SirRemus

I am having WAY too much fun coming up with these. Funny.  I’ve always hated this obnoxiously abbreviated nickname fad, until I was the one making them up.

five for tonight

Random things on my mind:

1. I bow down at the geek altar of io9 for reinventing the opening credits to Firefly as an 80’s sci-fi action-drama.

2. And THEN… they followed it up with Simon Tam, MD:

There are just no words for being overwhelmed with this much awesome. Well played, io9, well played.

3. I get to go to Chicago in a little over 3 weeks. I can’t wait to see family and friends. We also get to hang out with people who don’t belong to that place and since I love it when worlds collide, it’s going to be wacky fun. Our good friend Deena will be there (and get to meet our family out there in the ‘burbs). And also Ciao Rossi! Who moved away from Chicago shortly after we did. It will be like going back in time!

4. Why on earth is Dust in the Wind stuck in my head? It should at least be Carry on my Wayward Son. (Right? Am I right?)

5. The worst opening credits for a television show EVER in the history of the world, was the theme song for The L Word from the second season on. I stopped watching the show in the 3rd season. It’s been off the air for over a year now. But STILL. I (still) hate that song with a seething, burning passion. I can’t even love-t0-hate it. It’s not funny or campy enough to be funny-painful-bad. Just bad bad bad. This bad: Worse than killing off Dana. THAT BAD, Chaiken. That bad.

I would link it up for you, but I’m not that sadistic. Don’t go look it up on youtube. You won’t sleep.

(that bad)

This Week in Aggressive Apathy

The beat between apathy and rabid, nagging, annoyance.  Do I have distaste for these things?  Not necessarily, I don’t care enough.  I start to develop exposure angst, when I do not I wish to see, hear, read, or discuss them EVERYWHERE.

1.  Justin Bieber + his stupid hair
Unless everyone wants to join me in my ongoing campaign to refer to him as “Justin Beaver”.  Then we can talk.

2.  Mel Gibson
So new recordings have proven that Mel Gibson is a racist, misogynist, threatening, abusive dickhead and he comes up with all kinds of creative ways to express those aspects of his personality.   I can understand people being outraged and offended, what I don’t get is why anyone is surprised or still talking about it excitedly.   Tell me when he has consequences for this behavior.  (Or when more men in our culture do, period.)  Until then, I’m tired of everyone being titillated by disgusting displays of 18 different kinds of fucked-up privilege.

3.  Mark Zuckerberg

And the movie hasn’t even come out yet!

4.  People who get off on bashing Twilight + Twihards

It’s like this:  I don’t care and neither should you this much.  Obsessing over hating something like this and the people who love it is just as tired, if not more, than the constant media circus around the SMeyer empire itself.   If it’s as stupid as you claim to think, can’t you find something more worthy of your passion and energy? Your pretension is unbecoming.

I’m not on either side, even though I really dislike the whole phenomenon at this point, generally speaking.  I read. I viewed. I ranted. I shut up.  It’s that easy to get over!  REALLY.

5.  This one was supposed to be “Excuses from BP”

And it was going to say something about how I care most about the people in the Gulf who are suffering (and will suffer a long time) because of this and how I didn’t want to hear shit for excuses anymore. There have been nearly 90 days of excuses, failures + finger-pointing.    I only wanted to hear from BP if they made any progress on stopping it.

I’m happy to say I won’t be ranting about this one, because they have actually made some progress on stopping it. (Finally)  I am hopeful, but I know there is a lot of work to be done to clean it up and fix the many, many layers damage done to Gulf area and the people who live there.

I am not at all apathetic about this one.  This conversation needs to be everywhere and I hope it is.

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weekend short list

What I am up to this weekend.

1. Catching some of Pitchfork Music Festival (streaming live on my computer)

I’m not at Pitchfork in Chicago, but this is the next best thing.   Tommorrow there are sets by Cass McCombs, Beach House, St. Vincent and Pavement.

2.  Discovering new music I like.

This morning I caught the last half hour of weekend edition and there was a short interview with a singer-songwriter called Samantha Crain, who is excellent.


3.  Finishing books 4 & 5 of Scott Pilgrim.

The 6th and final volume, Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour, comes out next week!  I want to have read them all by the time I see the movie!

4.  Seeing “Inception”.

Aside from the delicious Nolan-ness of it all, I’m not gonna lie, I’m really looking forward to sitting in air conditioning for a few hours right about now.

5.   Obsessing over Beechwood Sparks

I really hate when I’m 8 or 9 years late hearing about a great band, but music really is better late than never!   While reading the Scott Pilgrim books, I noticed Bryan Lee O’Malley wrote a playlist of songs in the back of one of the books and they were on it.  He specifically loves their amazing, amazing jangly cover of the Sade song “By Your Side” (and secretly loves the original!)  And I do too (on both counts).

I will leave you with this:

10. 29. 2010

* thoroughly enjoying fall.

* dear weather: stop dancing around with the warmness!  we just had three days of nearly 70 degrees.  wrong.  canceled.  today it’s back to a respectable 50-something out there and I’m so happy.  fall is supposed to be chilly!  I want to wear scarves, dammit!

* recently read: Room by Emma Donoghue,  A Single Man by Christopher Isherwood
didn’t finish reading: Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro even though I was hoping to read it before I saw the movie.  I just couldn’t get into it.   Maybe I will pick it back up later this winter?

* also finally got to read Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins, which was the last of the books in The Hunger Games trilogy.  it is definitely up there with Deathly Hallows as one of my favorite ends to a story or series EVER.  it was extraordinary.  I expected to love it, but I did not expect it to go where she went.  highly, highly recommended.

* next, I’m hoping to read The Fall - the second book of The Strain trilogy by Chuck Hogan and Guillermo del Toro.  I enjoyed The Strain quite a bit.  I thought the opening was amazing and the end was a bit of a let down.  I am looking forward to seeing how it played into the second book.  maybe it can be redeemed for me?

* also looking forward to reading the mega-buzzed about Freedom by Jonathan Franzen.  people either loved or hated The Corrections. I was in the love camp.  I will never read it again because it was deeply uncomfortable and not an “enjoyable” book to read, but I thought it was brilliantly written and compelling in kind of a brutal way.

* there has been a real movie drought, hasn’t there?   the last movie we went to see in the theater was The Social Network (loved) and I intend to still see Let Me In to see how it compares with the film and book Let the Right One In, both of which I absolutely adored.   I’m looking forward to Deathly Hallows, of course and Black Swan. and I’m hoping to catch a screening of the newly restored version of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis sometime soon.  other than that I’m just playing catch up on old films and ones I missed with Netflix.

* discovered I love the grapefruit flavor of Izze spritzer and wish I could buy it in cases.

* got a car.  she’s a jeep and her name is Lorelei:

*  having very particular food cravings.   last night I made a wonderful turkey shepherd’s pie (one of my best recipes) and even though it smelled amazing and was so cozy and fallish, all I wanted to eat was a boring salad and I had a mad craving for shrimp cocktail?!?   (I don’t know.)  the other day I had to have mountain dew.  (I rarely drink regular soda, let alone that one, I’m a cherry coke enthusiast!)

*  still working on my etsy site.  good lord, it’s taking me forever to get my shit together!

*  I’ve been busy being a big tech nerd.  I installed ubuntu on our dinosaur desktop and I love love love it!  I also upgraded the memory in a laptop that I’m refurbishing, with excellent results.  I am now running into problems getting a linux system installed and working on that one.  it’s a problem, but the kind where I am having fun working on figuring it out.  I also have been checking books out of the library with titles like “how to build and repair computers”, “motherboards for dummies” and “the new hacker’s bible” etc…  I’m a little obsessed right now.

*  listening to:  the xx, Matt and Kim, and a lot of music that I always seem to revisit in Fall and Winter - magnetic fields, yo la tengo, the pixies, neutral milk hotel, old ani, old tori, old fiona, radiohead, portishead, hooverphonic, sonic youth, random assorted folk music.   rediscovering my old cds now that I have a car with a radio again.  also been listening to a lot of dizzy gillespie lately.

* just started watching the british tv series “Skins”.  even though I’m only a couple of episodes in, it’s really incredible.  I’ve been told many, many times that I would love it, so I shouldn’t be surprised, but wow.

* following local politics closely and things are heating up in RI!  (can anyone say “shove it”?) I’m really looking forward to voting on tuesday.  there was a mix up with my voter registration and apparently I’m still registered to vote by my old house.  so I have to commute to vote on tuesday, but I’m going to be there.  I can’t not be a part of the process, you know?  no matter how powerless and frustrating it feels sometimes.

top five places I’d rather be right now

(in many ways)

1. Living in a country where the following things were not a factor -

a. Seemingly the majority of people having not even the most basic understanding of how government and economic systems work.

b.  Extreme short-term memory problems. I had to hear people on the radio yesterday talking about things were shit two years ago so they gave Obama a chance and now things are still shit, so they felt like they should give the republicans a chance.   AS IF THE PRIOR EIGHT YEARS had nothing to do with all the shit in the first place.  How?  WHAT?  Ugh!

c.  People not understanding that healthcare, housing, food are basic human rights.  The bare minimum of human rights.

*If I can’t have any of these, right about now, I would settle simply to be living in a country where John Boehner wasn’t.

2.  Ocean.  I just want to go be near some waves.  Being able to breathe salt would feel like being able to breathe right now in a way I don’t feel able to.

3.  Home, but specifically arriving home where I would suddenly find myself with a week off and nothing to do but get to be home and devote myself to my projects and cleaning and building a fort and watching lots of comfort movies and drinking tea.

4.  Oregon.  I miss my brother Dan and his excellent partner in crime, Candice. Lately especially, I’m not sure why.  Maybe it’s holidays approaching.  Maybe cause he seems to have good perspective on things and helps me sort out messiness and I feel messy.  He helps to inspire me to get things done too.

5. In my car.  On a roadtrip just about anywhere.  I am having super-mega-wanderlust right now.  Pair that with being in love with the “new” used car we just got and I want to hit the fucking road with some great minimal supplies, scads of good music and podcasts, my dog, and the best traveling companion ever that I’m very lucky to be in a relationship with.  I want to make it up as I go along.  I want some freedom.

I don’t dislike my job or my everyday life, it’s just one of those days that -no matter where I am- it feels like a trap.

things I want to do today:

drink a lot of coffee

be emo

listen to a lot of velvet underground

be cozy

flip through magazines

eat soup

watch movies

read books


things I do not want to do today:

be cold

be frustrated

be stressed or overwhelmed

have actual responsibilities looming.

My list of sometimes. For your reading pleasure.


1. Sometimes people think I’m quiet……but I’m not.

2. Sometimes I’m just awkward.

3. Sometimes I sing.

4. Sometimes I get on tumblr and make random lists.

5. Sometimes I fail at life.

6. Sometimes I say “DINKELBERG” when things go wrong.

7. Sometimes scary people come up to me in the halls and I run away.

8. Sometimes I get lost in my life

9. Sometimes laugh just to laugh

10. Sometimes I’m a spaz…..but thats okay.

A list of sometimes!

Does that contradict my user name?


1.  Sometimes, right before I go to sleep, I look at tumblr on the app on my phone, flying through the posts quickly, just to see the pretty pictures.  I feel like it’s helpful for my dreams if I have good images in my brain right before I go to sleep.

2.  Sometimes only really plain or bland foods are appetizing to me (nothing mixed, overcooked, spiced).  Those are days when I don’t really eat meals because I don’t want things combined.

3.  Sometimes I miss having television and consider paying the big bucks for cable, just to get to see the same season of Mad Men that everyone else is on. 

4.  Sometimes my cats really annoy me and I wish I could break up with them or send them to camp temporarily, until I miss them and can deal with them again

5.  Sometimes I actively don’t want to be reasonable about things like money and saving and accounts and planning and debt.  Sometimes I want to be like “no seriously… it’s fucking paper.  It’s a made up concept.  This isn’t relevant to my life.”

6.  Sometimes I think my brain shuts off with overload.  Like a failsafe device, that stops so it won’t overheat.  I feel like I forget things and get spacey when I’m about to have a mental breakdown, and it saves me from ever completely snapping.

7.  Sometimes I forget I am living with a chronic illness and I am really hard on myself and expect my body to behave the way that “normal” bodies do.  Same with my brain and brain chemicals that are related. 

a pro/con list of my day…

getting the bad parts out of the way first:


- Overtired.  I woke up at 6:30 am because I had to be at traffic court at 8:30am.  This is cruel and unusual punishment.  Worse than the fee they charge for court.

- Traffic Court.  I wasn’t out of there until 10:45.  Bloody hell.

- Three more hours left in my workday.  I feel like I’ve been here four hours already and it’s been only two.


- My ticket was completely dismissed.  (Finally, it’s been since the summer that I’ve been trying to get this taken care of!)

- I knit while I was waiting.  I’m nearly finished with a red legwarmer!

- My commute from the court to work was way prettier than my usual commute.  It involved crossing two islands, 3 bridges, two lighthouses, a lot of pretty rural roads lined with colorful Autumn trees and a heck of a lot of salt water.   I rolled down the windows so I could breathe in (cold) salty air.

- I was listening to NPR news and got to hear them say “Secret Cannabis Plantations” in a story about how to recognize the smell of pot plants.  (apparently an earthy smell, reminiscent of eucalyptus according to the “expert” that kept making me giggle imagining secret cannabis plantations.)

-My day only has 3 hours left and then it’s the weekend!

List of things to do today

1.  Wake up late and go out to breakfast.  Went to Nick’s around noon.  Had really really good food.  It had been way too long since we went there.

2.  Get some good coffee.   Walked to Seven Stars after Nick’s and took care of this one too.  Man, we’re efficient! I feel so accomplished already!

3.  Spend a little time catching up with the tumblr dashboard.

4.  Plan shopping list and go grocery shopping.  (This is the one actual “chore” on my list and I so don’t even mind, because I’m getting ingredients to make holiday candy). 

5.  Make holiday candy and take pictures and notes, because I’m going to be a guest blogger on a foodie blog, so this is for posterity and the interwebs this time!

6.  Watch (or have on in the background) cheesy christmas movies and excellent music (or excellent movies and cheesy music - works both ways really!).  ALL DAY. 

7.  Love my life.  And be so happy when it snows.  (hint hint, universe… snow dammit!)